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Michael  Michael Tharenos, Founder and Chief Technology Officer

The strength of Pangea Consulting is in the skill and experience of founder Michael Tharenos. After achieving dual BAs in Computer Science/Mathematics and Physics at Boston University and graduate studies at Stanford during the 1980s, Tharenos tackled an impressive number of world-class IT infrastructure and networking projects. These include a pioneering project to put IBM on the Internet in 1983, planning and managing the Stanford campus network in 1989, developing and implementing the initial growth program of the world's first Internet Service Provider in 1990, and designing and implementing the multi-protocol, multi-media network which was and still remains the focal point of the world's largest networking show, Interop.

Last, but certainly not least, Tharenos founded Pangea Consulting and has managed a diverse set of complex IT infrastructure projects for its 70+ clients. During the past 20 years, Tharenos has developed an outstanding track record for implementing and managing all aspects of IT infrastructure technology.

Among Tharenos' many contributions to the industry are

    The Interop Network - As Director of Networking, Tharenos was chartered with designing and implementing the multi-protocol, multi-media network that links 350+ industry participants in the bi-annual industry trade show that consistently serves as the industry's showcase of advanced networking technologies. Tharenos' system design has proven its flexibility and robustness over the years and still operates virtually unchanged in its basic design. - As Senior Network Engineer with IBM's Research Division, Tharenos pioneered the project to establish "IBM.COM" and IBM's first secure connection to the Internet. He built the world's first "firewall" to establish a secure gateway between IBM's internal network and the Internet. He also designed and implemented a high speed TCP/IP-based LAN within the Almaden Research Center and across the company's global internal network.
    Stanford Campus Network - As Senior Network Engineer, Tharenos planned and operated the Stanford campus network in 1989. He also managed a project to provide campus-wide network security using the MIT Kerberos authentication system. At Stanford, Tharenos wrote the world's first secure Telnet program, modified the Sun Network File System (NFS) protocol and other network based client/server applications to use Kerberos authentication and DES encryption.
    BARRNET - Bay Area Regional Research Network - As Service Manager, Tharenos developed and implemented growth plans for the world's first Internet Service Provider (ISP). In addition to expanding the network to provide low-cost, dial-on-demand connections to small businesses, he also established a network operations center providing 24-hour monitoring and troubleshooting.
    Pangea Consulting - As founder and Chief Technology Officer, Tharenos has built a highly competent staff of network and support engineers and delivered high quality IT infrastructure consulting and network implementation for over 70 Bay Area clients. In addition to providing design, installation, and maintenance services to corporations and institutions, Pangea is a value-added reseller for some of the top IT infrastructure technology vendors such as Cisco, 3Com, and Microsoft. At Pangea, Tharenos has successfully completed numerous projects including data center construction, national/international WANs, corporate mergers and acquisitions, new building construction, outsourcing, management consulting, project management and integration of emerging Internet technologies.

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