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We are often asked where Pangea Consulting got its name and what it means. The origin of our name lies in the scientific theory of Continental Drift, which tells us that long ago the Earth's continents were joined together as a single great land mass called Pangea (from the Greek, literally all of Earth). This universal continent broke apart and over time its fragments drifted to their present positions. This story is the inspiration for our name and our commitment to "bringing the world back together through communications."

Pangea evolved out of the growing need of businesses to sort through the increasingly complex and rapidly changing information technology options available today and determine optimum solutions for their corporate needs. Our focus is on helping managers select and implement the right network solutions to integrate systems into multi-vendor enterprise environments, support critical applications and improve their organization's productivity and competitive position. To accomplish this objective, we have brought together a solid team of network professionals with a broad range of skills in network hardware, local and wide area networks, cabling, network operating systems, client-server applications, network management, voice and video. As independent consultants, we offer multi-vendor experience that no single hardware or software manufacturer can provide.

For more information:

These sites have a wealth of information about geology and the science behind the continental drift theory.


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