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The 1992 Interop Show Network Architecture

Pangea Consulting founder Michael Tharenos designed and implemented the multi-protocol, multi-media Interop Show network in 1992.

Interop Show Network Architecture

One of the features that make Interop the most important networking industry trade show is the unique Show Network that enables the world's leading IT infrastructure vendors to showcase their networking hardware and software products and expertise in "real-world" operation. As the backbone of this industry focal point, the Show Network MUST exhibit the robust and flexible characteristics required of the most demanding corporate enterprise network.

As a result of Tharenos' system architecture design, the Interop Show Network has successfully served as the foundation of this world-wide IT infrastructure exibition.

As shown in the diagram, the network backbone included the FiberOptic-based FDDI as well as T1 based SMDS and Frame Relay areas. Other network segments supported AppleTalk, Network Management, SNA and Token Ring technologies.

The Interop Network consisted of approximately 33 miles of Unshielded Twisted Pair, one mile of Shielded Twisted Pair, four miles of Fiber Optic cable, and three T1 links to the Internet via regional carriers. In addition there are three separate off-floor terminal clusters.

The network was managed by a Network Operations Center, managed by Tharenos. Built by 40 professionals in less than one week, the network was disassembled at the end of the show.

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