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Clients Speak About Pangea

Pangea Consulting works with its clients to achieve their goals - as painlessly and as effectively as possible. Here is what some of Pangea clients say about Pangea:

Matt Lampe, Development Manager, Epigraphx
It's been great working with you and your company. I regard it as one of the best decisions Epigraphx has made to work with Pangea.

Gary Merrick, IT Manager, Kanisa
Pangea's project manager greatly exceeded my expectations. There's no way we would have completed the move to our new facility without them. Over the past 4 months, my company and the circumstances in general have created some truly annoying and potentially show-stopping problems. From the last-minute panics generated by some of our employees, to the coordination of effort with other subcontractors that were difficult to work with. They came through in every instance.
They did beautiful work in the CAD drawings of our rack and room layouts, and the end result does look the way we'd expected and hoped. They dealt with a tight schedule in an extremely composed and efficient manner. They will be the first ones we contact if and when we ever have to go through this again.

Fred Wagner, former IT Director, Flextronics Semiconductor
Over the years, Pangea has consistently pointed us in the right direction with our IT strategy. They helped us sort through a dizzying array of choices for hardware and software. They were the compass on our IT journey.

David Hanabusa, President and CEO, ControlNet
I really appreciate their independence. Vendor sales engineers are all too willing to provide "free" network designs that use their products exclusively. Pangea gave us choices from multiple vendors that fit our needs and our budget.

Adam Downing, former IT Director, Condor Systems
We were Pangea's first client. As they have grown, the company has never lost sight of our needs and always made us feel important. Over the years, IT engineers have left our company on short notice with little or no documentation. This lack of documentation makes it difficult to troubleshoot problems. Pangea engineers jumped in and kept our systems running smoothly until we were able to hire additional staff. They are a valued business partner.

Mike Greymont, former IT Director, Quantum 3D
When we subleased the 1st floor of our building to another high tech firm, they asked us who we recommended to help them design their new server room and IT infrastructure. I recommended that they call Pangea.

Mike Drazich, IT Director, Datum, Inc.
The consultants we had used in the past were frequently late in completing their work and difficult to reach. Pangea Consulting arrives early and stays late to complete the work on time and on budget.

Augusta Crutchfield, IT Director, Wintec Industries
I always say, if you don't like to do IT/network documentation, then hire someone who does. Pangea Consulting prepared AutoCAD and Visio drawings of our equipment racks and computer rooms that were first rate. This documentation helped us immensely as we planned for growth and changes to our infrastructure.

Felix Nemirovsky, formerly VP of Engineering, Plextor, Inc.
Our cabling system and patch panels were a mess. Pangea came in and cleaned it up. They are fanatics about a clean, manageable cable plant with labels and documentation.

Greg Hazel, Sales Engineer, Netversant (formerly T&R Communications)
Companies hire Pangea to prepare detailed bid documents and RFQs for corporate moves and new building construction. We bid on many of their projects. The RFQs the put together are both clear and complete. They are the best out there.

Steve Ross, Ross Marketing Associates
Pangea is a small company with big company experience. They understand the needs and limited budgets of a small company.

Cindy Johnson, IT Director, Applied Materials
We are all glad this Data Center Annex project is almost complete and is completing successfully. Thanks for the successful completion of this job! The first six servers move in tomorrow!

Steven Coya, IETF Executive Director
I am writing to commend (and thank) you for the phenomenal job you did preparing for and setting up the terminal room in support of the 37th meeting of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF).

The terminal room you provided for this IETF meeting established a new standard of excellence that will be hard to match, almost impossible to exceed. This would not have been possible without the dedicated efforts of everyone at Pangea (not to mention your technical expertise and experience), and I am sure the other 2,000 attendees of the meeting would agree with me.

Bill McCauley, former IT Director, Level3 Communications and IETF attendee
Nice seeing you today. Looks like your organization did your usual outstanding job with the terminal room. Everything seemed very well organized. When I was in there, people weren't having to wait to print, which has been the source of much frustration in previous IETFs.

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