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Pangea is your experienced IT infrastructure partner.

While technological advances offer great opportunities for growth, they also present numerous challenges and require considerable resources and expertise. Putting IT technology to work can mean large investments in hardware and software, as well as in employees with the skills necessary to implement and manage these systems. These requirements can put tremendous strain on any company's resources. Increasingly, organizations of all types are looking for help in planning, implementing and managing networks.

Pangea is the solution.

No one has all the answers, but when you hire the right consulting team, you get instant expertise that saves you time, helps you make the right decision and frees you to focus your energies on your own core business.

It is difficult to find and hire staff with experience in complex multi-vendor networks. With Pangea Consulting, you get an entire team with many years combined IT/networking experience.

IT solutions are changing rapidly. It is difficult for someone with other responsibilities to stay current. Within Pangea, we have developed numerous network specialties. Our solutions are not one person's opinion but rather the result of the combined experience and knowledge of our entire team.

Enterprise networking is a complex technology that is essential to your business.

Pangea is the solution.

It is common that the best solutions for your business needs are found on different platforms from multiple vendors. Interoperability between your existing, often proprietary, solutions and the open systems choices of today is crucial. Effective administration and management of this critical resource is a necessity.

But, without a staff experienced in setting up integrated communications systems with built-in security, designing and implementing a network can be a time consuming and risky process.

An IT infrastructure specialist from Pangea can provide quick and optimum solutions for your enterprise.

Why Pangea?

We Are Experienced IT and Network Specialists. Unlike most other consultants, we are not generalists, but specialists in enterprise network technology. Our consulting staff brings a range of experiences in engineering design, finance, operations, and strategic planning. Each member has solid credentials with several years of industry experience in network hardware, cabling, network operating systems and utilities, development tools, and user interfaces, client server applications software, network management, wide area networks, voice, and video.

All Network Architectures. We have thorough technical knowledge and first hand experience on all of the leading networks in the marketplace. Through our partnership with key vendors, we are often aware of new products in development that could affect your planning.

Independence. We have no product sales quotas to meet so we have no vested interest in persuading you to purchase any specific hardware or software products. As a independent firm, we provide unbiased recommendations that most closely meet the networking requirements of our clients. Our IT solutions involve the best components from multiple vendors integrated into complete, supportable systems.

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