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Pangea Consulting Completes Raritan Paragon Certification Training and Enters Partner Program

San Jose, California, March 11, 2001 - Pangea Consulting today completed the Raritan Paragon training program earning them the distinction of being a "Paragon Certified" Authorized Reseller. During this certification they reviewed the history and growth of traditional KVM products and gained valuable in-depth knowledge of Raritan's innovative server management system - Paragon. Through the use of hands-on workshops and presentations, Pangea engineers were guided through the Paragon experience.

Paragon incorporates many innovations, including a totally modular, scalable design that utilizes intelligent components interconnected with easy-to-manage, single Category 5 UTP cable. Paragon's KVM Matrix Switching Unit, built in a 1U chassis, provides for connection of 32 computers and 8 user stations, up to 1,000 feet apart. The system is expandable to enable 16 users to manage 2,048 computers. Server access and management through Paragon is performed independent of the network, so there is no impact on server or network performance. Users can access and control any combination of computers, such as PC, Mac, Sun, DEC Alpha, RS/6000, HP9000, SGI, USB, and ASCII devices.

"Raritan KVM switches have been selected by many of our clients building new data centers and e-commerce server farms for years. Their MX4 switches have long been considered the best of breed. With the introduction of high bandwidth Category 5 and Category 6 cabling, Paragon is well positioned to take advantage of the large installed base of Unshielded Twisted Pair data cable plants," said Michael Tharenos, president and CEO of Pangea Consulting.

Founded in 1990, Pangea Consulting is an organization specializing in IT consulting, support and system administration.

Founded in 1985 by President and CEO, Dr. Ching-i Hsu, Raritan Computer Inc. is the industry's leading designer and manufacturer of high quality electronic KVM (keyboard, video, and mouse) switches and related connectivity products. Over 250,000 Raritan KVM switch products are in operation at 15,000 network data centers, computer test labs, and multi-workstation environments. Raritan customers save space and reduce equipment costs by eliminating unnecessary peripherals, and improve systems management through centralized computer control. All Raritan products are backed by our seasoned worldwide sales and service organization which focuses exclusively on complete KVM switch and connectivity solutions.

Media Contact:

Joe Peterson
Pangea Consulting

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