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Pangea Consulting Becomes Computer Associates Enterprise Solutions Provider

San Jose, California, March 29, 2000 - Pangea Consulting, an organization specializing in fault-tolerant IT infrastructure consulting, data center design, and system administration today announced that they have achieved Silver Partner status with computer software giant Computer Associates International, Inc. (CA).

Computer Associates, the worlds third largest software company, is a leader in storage management solutions with their Arcserve2000 product and enterprise management with Unicenter and NetworkIT. The ESP category is for channel partners who sell CA's exclusive Enterprise Edition and Unicenter TNG solutions in addition to the Workgroup Edition and Advanced Edition solutions.

According to CA President and CEO, Sanjay Kumar, "Managing information isn't what it used to be. Not too long ago, IT departments were isolated, self-contained and independent of the organizations they served. If something went wrong, the consequence was just a few hours of lost productivity.

"eBusiness has changed all that. Now, IT touches every aspect of the enterprise connecting with customers, suppliers and partners around the globe. If something goes wrong, it can jeopardize revenues, relationships and market valuations. eBusiness management has become a critical discipline for every organization around the world. In the new generation of eBusiness, every business will be an eBusiness.

"That's why Computer Associates is uniquely positioned to help companies succeed in this new era. We develop and support the software that manages eBusiness."

"Industry leading products and superior support are all critical factors to ensure the success and growth of your business," said Michael Tharenos, President and CEO of Pangea Consulting. "Through our partnerships with Computer Associates, Pangea Consulting offers comprehensive solution for all your needs."

Many of Pangea Consulting's clients utilize Arcserve to manage their disaster recovery and storage management needs. In the coming months, Pangea Consulting will be deploying Unicenter and NetworkIT software to provide their clients with proactive monitoring and management of their server farms and network infrastructure.

Founded in 1990, Pangea Consulting is an organization specializing in IT consulting, support and system administration.

Media Contact:

Joe Peterson
Pangea Consulting

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