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Pangea Consulting Services:

Pangea Consulting provides comprehensive IT consulting services. These start with need assessments followed by advice and recommendations, and include project management, design reviews, vendor selection, and turnkey project management. Pangea works with you to develop manageable and flexible IT infrastructure plans and to implement them.

Consulting services include:
  • Advice and Recommendations

    Pangea network consultants will analyze your IT infrastructure needs and resources and then provide expert advice on which technology options your organization should implement.

  • Network Design

    After performing a needs analysis, Pangea network experts will make a detailed design recommendation and develop an explicit network design plan.

  • Project Management

    Pangea will create a total solution with defined goals and milestones. Pangea can provide a turnkey solution, or Pangea can supply IT consulting services as needed. Either way, Pangea serves as a single point of contact for multivendor installations.

  • Vendor Selection

    The Pangea Consulting staff are experts in network and IT infrastructure and the many vendors that supply software and hardware components. Pangea will use that expertise to help you select the right solutions for your needs.

  • RFQ/RFP Preparation

    For many organizations, development of a detailed RFQ or RFP is a challenging task. After all, vendors cannot meet your needs if you cannot articulate them effectively. Pangea can help you prepare a positive, professional RFQ or RFP that will make it easier for you and your vendors.

  • Security Audits

    Pangea Consulting provides comprehensive security audits of all types to ensure the integrity of your network and the safety of your corporate or personal information.

  • Structured Cabling Design Services

    Pangea can specify and install fiber and copper infrastructure for your IT network. Pangea provides precise topological maps and rack layouts as well as detailed inventory reports. With Pangea, you can rest assured that your network infrastructure will be rock solid.



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